I am so honored to have been nominated for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!

In order to kindly accept this nomination, I need to write about these aspects:

  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven different facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15, give or take a few, blogs of your choice.
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

So, firstly, thank you @mjcobra for thinking of me! ❤
I do my blog with passion, because I love expressing myself and I love having this venue to do it, but I have been shyly participating in it and luckily MJ Cobra found me!

Onto the other aspect to participate: 7 facts about myself

  1. I love Stitch. Yep, from “Lilo and Stitch” XD I currently own three plushies from him, because I can’t live without one.
  2. I’m obsessed with plushies and cute things in general. I can’t help myself.
  3. I LOOOVE crystals and finding out what they are good for, wether for aiding in health or for aid with emotions. I truly believe in their energy and power.
  4. I am currently studying fashion! And I have never been more anxious or passionate, but I’m pursuing this with all my guts.
  5. I’m graduated in Visual Arts, which, led me to believe I needed to be a specific kind of artist, but throughout the years I’ve been realizing it doesn’t matter what kind of art I do, so long I stay authentic and true to myself. To me, that’s honestly all that matters.
  6. I am brazilian! Don’t think I mentioned this before. I’m a third generation of japanese people in Brazil, my grandparents came from Japan on those gigantic ships, it took them around three months to get to Brazil.
  7. I write since my sister gave me my first official diary, when I was a child, around the age of 8! And haven’t stopped since.

I could honestly go on forever with these facts, it’s too much fun thinking about different aspects of me and quirks to share with you. XD

I haven’t followed that many people here, unfortunately, but I nominate these two awesome ladies: MJ Cobra, because I love the way she writes and Marzia Bisognin, because I find her to be a great style inspiration and overall life style inspiration.

My nominees: Mj @mjcobra
and Marzia @ MARZIA’S LIFE

I had a lot of fun writing this post! I hope you were able to enjoy it as well. ^^

I will see you soon with more words and cute illustrations x)


heart2, Lina



You have NOT failed


Society makes it look like if we feel bad, we’ve somehow done something wrong and failed in life. We feel bad when work goes wrong, when something we’ve expected to go a certain way goes the other way, we get down on ourselves for not being that “Shiny Smily” person on Instagram pictures who seems to ALWAYS be happy.

This happens because there is this painful belief around in society that FEELING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS IS BAD.

We are a society growing beautifully towards being more open, more tolerant, more accepting of everyone’s similarities and differences, I truly believe in that. And one special subject that NEEDS to be addressed is HOW WE TREAT OUR EMOTIONS.

We, as human beings, are full of colors. We can shine brightly with happiness, sour with bitterness, become blue, skip of joy, rage with anger – we are multifaceted beings. But so many of us have been judged by family, friends and people in general for feeling a certain way. Who has ever experienced a grunt or a judging look from someone when you were complaining about life (a.k.a. hurting), or when you felt like your world was falling apart and felt desperate? I know I have.

This reoccurrence, though, doesn’t make it something right or good. It only makes us feel ashamed for feeling sad or blue, as if as humans, we didn’t get to feel or live the entire spectrum of emotions, from bad/negative to good/positive.

This comes from deep childhood trauma, for sure. People who judge harshly are also people who hurt, they just have no idea how to treat their feelings in a better way and splash it onto other people, spreading the hurt.

If we treat our pain as something that has to be shoved inside deep, so no one can hear, see or feel (not even ourselves), there is a big chance this pain will turn into something even bigger and more painful to bare with time.

If you feel pain, shame, hurt, sorrow, grief, desperation, all of them are OK for you to feel. They are emotions. Emotions are meant to be felt by us, and by being felt, they are PROCESSED within us and TRANSFORMED NATURALLY.

We have the capacity to transform anything within us. Transform trauma into bliss, grief into relief, sadness into happiness, sorrow into hope. We are THAT special.

So, I know it is perhaps the most terrifying thing to do, but please, consider opening yourself to your emotions. Consider feeling the hurt, that seems like is going to kill you if you turn in it’s direction. Consider feeling the pain that has been holding your heart tight in it’s suffocating arms. Consider being where you are, no matter how terrible it may feel like and I promise, no matter how difficult it seems in the beginning, it WILL get better and it will TRANSFORM you.

My favorite spiritual guru, Teal Swan depicts a very important process on how we can transform our most feared emotions into something beautiful and positive within us. She shows one of her processes in this video called “How to Heal the Emotional Body”. I proudly share her content, because of the incredible impact it has in my life. She has helped me get in touch with my emotions, heal myself and begin to love myself. Today I stand in a much better place and I am able to experience beautiful emotions because I turned to my scars to see them, feel them and transform them.

Loving ourselves and learning to love our emotions is a life long process, but I hope this encourages you to look at your own “feeling bad” experiences as a way to get to know yourself better and begin to see your own beauty without shame and without fear of being disapproved of by this “be-well-all-the-time” society (which I hope changes soon).

NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU IF YOU FEEL BAD, you are simply processing through important things so you can continue your walk.


heart2, Lina

What a sick week taught me

I recently had a very weird week.

It started off normal, I went to work and did what I did all the weeks before, I sold shoes, attended people in the store, cleaned it, etc, came home to find myself tired as fuck and went to bed. I did this routine with not much trouble, everyday a little different.

Some weeks ago, though, I began filling up my time with things that interested me: web comics and cool stories, blog posts of people I admire and all sorts of internet goodies.

Soon enough, I realized I had a much better time reading the comics and blogs than I ever did attending people and selling shoes.

This simple act of using my spare time to focus on things that I liked brought me to the realization that I wanted to fill up my DAY with things that I liked a lot more than what I was currently doing.

So started a very weird week for me.

It began by me feeling my body rejecting the store. Yes, my body let me know before my mind had comprehended that I didn’t want to work there anymore.

The rejection of being there led me to feeling sick inside and I began to feel ill. I was, indeed, ill. I had a few days off from work because I felt I couldn’t do anything. I barely got out of bed and spent my days watching my favorite tv series of all times: Friends.


I was sick, though, not because I didn’t want to work anymore, but because I felt GUILTY for it. I felt so bad, so bad for not being there that I became physically ill. My immune system went down and I felt like shit.

The feeling of “guilt” had struck me and it made a hole inside my chest and stomach. I felt I was wrong for wanting to quit. I felt guilty for feeling sick, I felt guilty for not getting out of bed. I was deep in self hate at that point.

It took me days to realized guilt was making me sick.

It took me days to realize I didn’t allow myself to feel sick and to need nurture and help.

Took me days to feel just how bad I was actually feeling.

I was only able to move out from those feelings of guilt and hopelessness after I spent some time with the actual bad feelings inside.


Carl Jung, said “What we resist persists”, so, I went inside myself to try and feel those feelings that were eating me up, as my spiritual guru Teal Swan teaches here:  

The feelings were so strong I couldn’t dive deep in one try. I was able to release resistance to it, though, which is basically stop going to war with what we feel trying to make it go away.

Only that was enough for me to wake up in the next day completely different.

I opened up to my mom and told her I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and that I felt lost. I opened up to my boyfriend and said I was tired of having things not working out for me. I felt hopeless and tired, as if the world was against me, but talking to them helped me realize I had good reason for wanting to quit the job. I had realized I wanted to fill my days focusing on things that make me feel good and see where THAT takes me.


In the end, before this sickness I hadn’t realized I spent many of my days pressuring myself down to get things done and do what I “should” be doing, instead of what I WANT to do. This is the recipe to illness, stress and unhappiness. I had no idea I felt so stuck in many thought patterns of guilt, pressure and sadness.

I felt isolated in my misery. I believed for the longest of times that I needed to do everything on my own and that I would have nobody by my side to help ME when I needed.

I’ve had these hurtful thoughts and beliefs entrained in my mind for YEARS.

Thanks to this illness I was able to look at them and realize what I’d rather believe and live in my life.

I’d rather believe I have help and nurture when I need it. I’d rather believe I have support and that my wellbeing is more important than any job in the world. I’d rather believe I can take care of my emotional self and be kind to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to leave this message with the feeling that this is the answer to all things and that we’re done looking for answers in our lives. I know I will have a lot of integrating to do. The affirmations I wrote a few lines above about what I WANT for my life that I discovered because of this weird ill week, may take years to sink in and for me to truly feel like I own in my life.

Those particular thought patterns that hurt me so much in the past are coming up for the first time to my consciousness and that is the very first step to improve my life for the better.

Healing really is a wonderful path to take. Allowing the negative feelings to be felt inside ourselves may just be the answer we’ve been asking for to feel better and stronger. Showing our inner selves we’re here for them and showing ourselves our love may just be the answer to our blockages and illnesses that appear in course. Because after all, we are all ALIVE and while we’re alive there’s always new things to learn about ourselves, may it be completely new or a pattern that’s been with you since you can perceive yourself as a person and that has newly come to your awareness.


It was a strong revelation for me, to have my body, mind and spirit rejuvenate like that from the act of looking inside and being present with the bad feeling. I truly felt it changed where the illness was taking me, which was a lot like depression, I must say.

I hope I can keep being a good pal to me and that my dog days are over. Well, if a dog day appears, I’ll have a better shot at being a good pal to myself because of this experience.

I hope this helps you in a bad day/week/month/year too.

We’re all in this together,


How fangirling changed my life

A few years back, I started following people that I admire on the internet.


I began as any good fangirl and filled myself with information from my idols: pictures, videos, books and followed them on social medias. I did it, though, trying to escape from the fact I didn’t know who I was and what I wanted.

Half a year later, after a lot of inner work, emotional integration and embarking on a self-love journey taught by my favorite spiritual guru Teal Swan, I realized I followed these people so avidly, because I thought they had something that I wanted for my life, but couldn’t create for myself. I stared at their videos and pictures wishing my life was like that.

A year later, after more spiritual and emotional work, I finally realized that I admired how they were able to live their lives doing something they loved and how much abundance it created for them. They had something I didn’t realize I hadn’t: PASSION.

BLOG_ILLU5They followed their passions and invested in them. They created an entire life around their passion. Spiritual rumor has it, when we follow our passions out of self love, we are supported by the universe and abundance follows us wherever we go.

For the first time, I realized I had to look for my passions to live the kind of life I want to live! 

This is my motto now.

Instead of looking for what other people are doing and thinking “What is their secret?”, now I use the same amount of focus and ask myself: “What fills me with passion?

I’m currently on the look out for what I enjoy doing. I want to find my passions and live according to that amount of pleasure and create a life full of joy for myself.

And it is a very special kind of joy, a joy that is in my flavours.

Finding our passion has so much more to do with what we can do now in our lives to bring us more pleasure than to wish for it eternally to come, by admiring other people, but never really looking to our own lives and making it better in this moment.


I encourage you to do the same and go look for what you enjoy in life and do more of it. It can be as simple as buying a plant to put in your room, go take a soothing shower or make some tea. The fun thing about this is that you get to choose what would pleasure you to do right now. 😉


We are all made of unique special tastes, and it can be trusted that what brings us joy and shortens our way to find our passions is having a variety of them filled with our very own flavours.


Finding out who you are

Have you ever spent countless hours looking at people’s lives and thought they had it better than you? In life, I mean.

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, I think an avarage person spends a lot of time comparing themselves to other people, and somehow, they always seem to have it better than we do.

They have better trips, better photos on facebook, better jobs, better everything.

But the avarage person, even the one you compare yourself to, doesn’t normally share their sad stories, their bad days, their difficulties and doubts in life. Sometimes, not even to themselves, let alone to the social world.

We spend our days collecting information about other people and use that info to compare ourselves to. That is our acquired parameter for how we are doing in life, as if there was a scale of one to ten, in which, if you’re above, you’re “better than” and if you’re below, you’re “worse than”. But that’s no real parameter to anyone.

We can never know what is really happening in somebody’s life.

Maybe they smile at pictures and cry at night, maybe they earn a lot of money, but feel lack of purpose, maybe they travel only because they need to get out of the rut they are in.

The bottom line is: you can never truly know what life other people are living, you can only know YOUR life. We can only know what is going on with US.

Where are we? How are we feeling? Do we enjoy living our lives? Are we inspired to live our lives?BLOG_IMAGE1Don’t get me wrong, I know that looking at ourselves can be terrifying. We may have spent an entire life trying to escape from ourselves and our feelings, because we are so afraid to find out the truth.

The truth perhaps is that we are broken inside, sad or completely lost. Maybe we’ve been escaping for so long that we don’t know who we are anymore.

BLOG_ILLU2It requires a lot of courage to look within us, but it is essencial if we ever want to live a life we’re inspired by and feel good about.

We have to know where we are, how we feel, to know where we want to be. More so than anything: we need to know WHO WE ARE.

A few years back, during college, I was in the position of being completely and utterly lost. But the trick thing was: I didn’t know I was lost.

I felt all sorts of emotions, bad and good, but mostly, I remember feeling bad, pressured and nervous. I had come to an early adulthood not knowing who I was, or should I say, denying who I was and what I wanted. I didn’t respect my feelings, I was deep in self-hate and I didn’t know I had it so bad.

It wasn’t until a point where I had no other choice but to look at myself, for I was in such emotional hell, that I was able to take the first step into knowing who I was: I admitted to myself I was lost. I admitted to myself I didn’t know who I was and stopped following other people’s opinions and shadowing myself over for them.

It wasn’t an easy process. It wasn’t light. It was the first time I looked inside myself and all the bad demons, traumas, anger, resentment, sorrow I had inside began to show up.

But it was immensely better than having those feelings bottled up inside me, without understanding, without my attention.

For the first time I began outting my emotions and I was able to feel a sense of self that was positive. I began a quest to find out who I am. And have been at it for two years and a few months now.


I’m letting you in this story, because I want to reinforce that when we admit to where we are, even if it’s emotional hell, it feels much better than to cover it up with something else.

It takes courage. It may also take being in such a bad situation you don’t mind sending it all to hell and begin to feel ourselves, like it was for me.

So, I ask again: Where are you? How are you feeling?

Let these questions ponder your mind during the following days. Let yourself answer them slowly, as you feel you want to.

Let yourself be known to you. 

We can do this journey together. I’ve been in it for a few years now and I love my life now more than ever before. It is my hope it will only grow stronger and better too, for me and for you.

Follow this story if you want to know where knowing myself is leading me to, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your own life. 😉